A Few Tips to Help You Save for a Home in 2023

January 18, 2023by Christo Joe0

Purchasing a home is an immense financial and emotional decision, no matter the size or budget. With prices averaging close to $357K in 2023, combined with closing costs, agent commissions, and other associated costs; it’s understandable why preparing for homeownership can appear daunting – particularly if you’re buying your first house. Thus, planning ahead of time will be paramount when facing such an important investment that could potentially define one’s future path in life.

Savings Goals

Aspiring homeowners should set out to reach a savings goal that hits two targets: keeping their monthly mortgage payments at 28% of gross income, and setting aside 20% for the down payment. To increase earning potential on their nest egg, consider investing in a high-yield savings account with an eye toward meeting those goals by an agreed upon date — then get ready to start house hunting!


Being disciplined with savings is often difficult, which makes financial planning a challenge. Given the right tools, however, anyone can stay on track and reach their goals – enter Simplifi! This app helps you to manage your monthly expenses by enabling users to set personal budgets for items such as student loan payments or subscriptions while also monitoring both income amounts and overall spending levels. With this insight into where exactly our money goes each month, it’s possible to make appropriate adjustments that will ultimately benefit us in achieving any desired savings goal.

Financial Windfalls

Unforeseen financial windfalls can be a great opportunity to boost your savings and inch closer towards achieving larger goals. From tax refunds, inheritances, or even the sale of old items with modest value – investing these sums in an account that yields interest is a sound strategy for growing savings over time. So when luck graces you with such extra cash flow, consider finding it a new home: right in the bank!

Side Gig

We’re living in a prime moment to earn extra income – and you have plenty of options. Whether it’s hopping behind the wheel with Uber or Lyft, selling artwork on Etsy, delivering groceries via InstaCart, or becoming an up-and-coming production assistant for shows nearby: take advantage of this abundance of opportunities that can help supplement your existing funds!

Cost Deduction

To accumulate the necessary funds to purchase a home, living with intention is essential. Rather than spending on takeout and coffee runs, cultivate your skills in the kitchen – cook at home instead of relying on prepared meals from outside sources. When possible, walk or bike rather than drive in order to save money spent at the pump. Additionally, review bank statements for any unnecessary purchases that can be avoided; these seemingly minor savings can quickly add up over time!

Credit Card Usage

If you want to reach financial freedom and secure favorable loan rates, it’s important to stay away from racking up debt on your credit card. Interest payments can be a heavy burden for borrowers, so the best strategy is not to use cards unless absolutely necessary or if repayment within one month can be guaranteed. This will help keep you out of debt and make sure that lenders view you favorably as an investment when needed.


Buying a home is certain to be the most financially significant undertaking for many first-time buyers; however, with sensible budgeting and financial planning, it can become a reality. By setting achievable objectives that are attuned to your economic capabilities, you will have access to all of the benefits homeownership brings without stretching yourself too thin. Once these criteria are met, there should no longer be any apprehension about entering into this milestone investment!

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